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Create a good atmosphere for your party with music, songs and poems

Music and dance

Music helps to create a good atmosphere at the party and makes everybody feel comfortable. Everybody enjoys arriving to the party to the sounds of live music playing outside.

The weddings first dance can be done on the beach terrace by the seashore. The band has enough time to prepare and start playing for when the wedding couple and their guests arrive to the terrace.

Dancing out on the dock should be part of every companies program for a summer party. Everyone can better enjoy the party to the beat of music and in good company.

Both the party organizers themselves, as well as the staff of Villa Apollo can arrange music to the party. (To be arranged before hand.)


Maybe the most popular songs of the party will be the ones of our youth? Very few things can connect people as well as music does. A singalong moment makes us happy. You are free to choose everything from pop songs, folk music to psalms. It is also possible to play an instrument or perform yourselves, should you want to do this. Nobody needs to worry about performing, because the most important thing is to have fun together.


The poems that are written in the dialect of “Karelia” comes to life when the writer passionately reads them out loud. We can also rephrase a song to fit the occasion, if we know about it beforehand.


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