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Yoga on the rocks – a program for your recreation day

Yoga is a process of self-knowledge and recognition and it encourages us to inner growth. It is beneficial for our health to practice yoga. The purpose of yoga is to achieve inner growth and an overall well being.

The word “YOGA” in sanskrit language means “connection.” This is refering to the connection to ones own body, mind and breath. Also our social connections to other people.

Towards a peaceful mind

Through our yoga practice, we achieve a peaceful mind and a body in balance. When we are at peace with ourselves, we reflect that into our relationships with others.

Yoga can be done regardless of ones fitness, age or body structure. Through yoga we calm our minds and give rest to our bodies, at the same time as we increase our fitness level and allieviate some ailments.

To connect the body and mind

Our body reacts on the slightest mood change and our mind reflects the condition of the body. Through yoga we can achieve balance in our body which in turn affects our mind in a positive manner. Our body, mind and breath are all working towards achieving balance and peace. Through practicing yoga we can promote our health and cherish it. A body in balance also has a better immune system.

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