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Summer sailing trips in the beautiful Archipelago of Turku

Sailing is a very fun summer program alternative for a recreation day. It is a fun way to experience the beautiful Achipelago of Turku. It takes cooperation on board the sailing boat. As a participant you will learn to trust the others and together work towards a mutual goal. The participants will learn decision making, interaction, leadership and self confidence with your designated task.

Experience fellowship through sailing

Team work and fellowship go hand in hand when you are sailing together towards a destination. Before departing your group will recieve a short introduction to sailing and see how everything works in practice. Under the direction of the captain the participants will try out different tasks. We will rotate so that everyone has the opportunity to try all tasks.

Organize day of sailing for

  • Staff
  • Friends
  • A bachelor party
  • A birthday
  • Domestic or international customers
  • Domestic or international friends

Ask us about sailing trips

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