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aura soma

Color therapy – Aura Soma

Colors affect all of us on a conscius or sub-conscius level. To involve oneself deeper into colors has healing qualities. The colors reflects our feelings and thought patterns.

How should I dress for my interview?

The way we dress and the way our home looks or what kind of flowers we have in our garden, is all a reflection of what we are going through right now in our lives and what aspects of ourselves we want to strenghten.

Many people have gone through periods of different colors in their past, with repeating colors representing different moods.

How do colors affect us?

You have probably heard the expressions “red with anger” or “feeling blue”. The colors really affect us and describes our emotions.

With color therapy we can experience peace, health and inner development.

In todays stressful existence many people are interested in the meaning behind colors to maintain and achieve peace in body and mind.

To better understand the work atmosphere

To have color therapy on the program on the companys recreation day, provides a chance to get to know oneself and the work atmosphere in an impressive way. It helps us to better understand ourselves and others so that we feel good at work.

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