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Express yourself creatively – Surrender and dare to be on unfamiliar ground

Would you like to try being on unfamiliar ground together with different people? Practice a lively and practical way to surrender to it? We seek solutions to problems in work situations and in daily life. We use creative expression and thinking outside the box.

Problem solving

Through surrender we find strength within ourselves and we learn to think creatively. We learn to adjust to our current circumstances and to change. We find solutions on how to relate to people and different situations. We learn to break free from our existing thought patterns and narrow mindedness. Through these exercises we will increase our tolerance and ease our stress levels.

Experience creativity together

Using creative expression we may experience emotions that we haven´t dealt with or felt before. Together in a group setting we also observe our colleagues way of dealing, meeting, sharing and giving feedback on creativity. In a group environment we can also experience how other people think and solve problems.

Everybody exercises creativity differently and each one participates according to ones own liking.

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