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Would you like to be able to control your mind?

Stress management is the ability to think positive and trust ourselves and the world around us inspite of lifes many setbacks.

A stress caused reaction is a physical reaction that happens in our bodies when we are under threat. It is called the “fight or flight response” and it keeps us alive. We cannot get rid of this natural reaction in our bodies. However some people develop a chronic state of stress in their bodies. When we feel like we have no control over whats happening in our lives and the world around us, then we experience negative stress. This can in the long run be very harmful to our bodies and our wellbeing.

Learn to control your stress level

Fortunately we can learn to control our stress level. Stress management is first and foremost a process of awareness. We can learn to control our fear so that we do not trigger a stress reaction.

Research tells us that the more we feel in control of the situation, the less stress we experience. But when we experience a lack of control, our stress level rises.

Many of us live in a chronic state of stress and some even think that it is normal. Symptoms of a high stress level quickly shows in our bodies. These are some of the symptoms:

  • palpitation
  • high blood pressure
  • hypersensitive to sounds, smells, chemicals, food, textiles
  • stomach and digestive issues
  • mental problems such as fear, insomnia, crying and sleep problems
  • eating disorders; eating too much or not enough

Mindfulness helps us to stay present and aware. Like with small children for example. They are curious about their surroundings and stay present in the moment. They eat and sleep when they feel hungry or tired. Adults have been told that we have to perform and achieve. That somehow becomes who we are. By practicing mindfulness we can learn to bring out our inner childs curiosity. When we find things and people that we resonate with in life, we feel happy. Mindfulness means to be present in the “Now” and accept it.

Stress management

To get started with stress management, we first have to be aware of and accept our current stress level. Through different mind exercises we can gain an understanding to our own thought pattern and feelings. From this understanding comes acceptance, compassion and forgivness to ourselves. In a group session it is important to feel the support of the group. Many times over we realize that all of us are in the same boat and share experiences with each other.

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