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Spend a relaxing evening in a sauna by the seashore in Pargas, Achipelago of Turku

Relaxing sauna night together with friends

After a conference day or team building day it is nice to relax in the sauna. Our on- request sauna is suitable for 10-30 people. A good activity for your birthday party, recreation day, bachelors party or company party.

We offer:

  • Traditional finnish sauna with wood fire stove
  • The worlds first floating smoke sauna
  • Outside hot tub
  • Enjoy the sea all year round
  • Relax together with friends


Our sauna house is located 15 meters from the seashore. There you can relax and enjoy the sauna after your conference day. Both men and women can enjoy the sauna at the same time because there are showers and dressing rooms for both sexes. This makes it more efficient to plan the schedule for your conference day. Both our traditional finnish wood fire sauna as well as our floating smoke sauna are unisex saunas.

Villa Apollo will reserve the saunas for one group at a time, so that you can enjoy the saunas in peace. At your disposal we also have a hot tub that fits 8-10 people.It is nice to enjoy the clear night sky from the hot tub.


Have a unique experience in the Worlds First Smoke Sauna. From the smoke sauna you can take a dip in the sea both in summer as well as in the winter. The sauna reservation can fit around 30 people. The bravest ones may try ice swimming and introduce the finnish “sisu” to our foreign guests.

After the sauna:

  • Spoil yourselves with a delicious dinner
  • Have a tasting and sampling event
  • Arrange dancing on the beach terrace
  • Relax and socialize in the beautiful archipelago

Want to have a holistic Finnish Sauna experience? 

Welcome to Sauna!

The spirit of the steam is revived in an ancient sauna ritual. Finns have been cared and cured themselves in Sauna for 10.000 years. The nature is a fundamental part of a genuine sauna experience also in form of various bath wisks. In Sauna ritual hot sauna and cooling off take turns. Cherishing footbath makes Sauna ritual extraordinary relaxing. As part of the deep Sauna ritual the body is treated with peeling agent. It’s a magical to be floated in cool water after the hot Sauna.

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