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Whatever special occasions you wish to arrange – At Villa Apollo in Pargas there are possibilities for everyone

Are you planning a recreation day for your staff? Perhaps a conference day with your customers or a fun activity to awaken the team spirit?

At Villa Apollo you can find the most versatile activities in the Archipelago of Turku.

The goal with a recreation day is to awaken the team spirit of your staff and increase their wellbeing. A recreation day gives the staff a chance to get to know each other and spend some time together in a pleasant atmosphere. A successful recreation day creates nice memories, awakens the team spirit and increases  the overall wellbeing at work. The new found team spirit leads to good teamwork and efficiency at work.

At Villa Apollo we offer a versatile range of activities to do outside in the forest, out on the sea, or by the seashore. We also offer many indoor activities to choose between. According to research, spending time outside contributes to lower stress levels and a better general wellbeing.

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Kayaking in the inner Archipelago

Villa Apollos location between the outer and inner Archipelago is perfect considering wind conditions. The islets provide shelter from the wind so even a beginner can go for a kayak tour or trip in windy conditions. One can travel quite far without being bothered by the wind.

The more experienced kayaker can paddle in the opposite direction, towards open bays.

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Cooking course using open fire

A cooking course is a perfect way to spend time together. Spending a day by the open fire next to pots and pans really helps to develop our cooking skills. It also increases our creativity and our team spirit.

It is a new, exciting thing to try out. It is a perfect gift to surprise the birthday child with as well.

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Tasting and sampling

You can have some surprising realizations and experiences from a guided tasting and sampling event. We arrange playful guessing games from tasting and sampling. For example; wine, cognac, whisky, champagne, beer and a special selection of chocolate.

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Yoga outside on the rocks

Yoga is a practice that is many thousands of years old. Yoga is an excellent source for health and wellbeing, Yoga promotes spiritual growth as well as a holistic health.

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Color therapy

Colors caress and heal us, but also irritate and frustrate us. Our choice of color varies depending on our life situation and relationships.

Aura-Soma color therapy is a technique to increase our well-being and is good to use by for example people working in the health and wellness industry.

When we look at and interpret colors in a group setting, it increases the sense of connection between people and strengthens our self- esteem.

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A great way to spoil yourself is to make use of our outside hot water tub. It can fit between 8-10 people and it is relaxing and enjoyable to sit there and look at the clear night sky.

You can also try out the Worlds First Floating Smoke Sauna. From the sauna you can take a dip in the sea both summer- and winter time.

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Creative expression

We try out a situation when we feel like we are on unfamiliar ground in a group with different people. We practice a lively and practical way to surrender to this feeling. We seek solutions to problems in work situations and in daily life. We use creative expression and thinking outside the box.

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Mindfulness- Stress management

Mindfulness is controlling our thoughts and feelings through different exercises. Mindfulness is to consciously be in the present moment. Through these exercises we learn to accept our thoughts and feelings and to be more present in our daily lives.

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During this sailing trip you will learn to perform some of the tasks onboard and you get the steer the ship. If you just want to relax and enjoy the scenic views you can do that too.

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Fishing trip

On our fishing trip we use a casting rod and trolling techniques. If you want to try fly-fishing, spinning or jigging techniques you can do that as well.

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Team competitions

In these competitions we divide ourselves into teams. Then we get different tasks to solve. These tasks takes speed, wit, team work and a good team spirit.

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