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Villa Apollos restaurant upon-request is close to Turku

In our restaurant upon-request we make tasty snacks and delicious food for our conferences, weddings and other occasions.

Our passion is tasty food. Our food philosophy is to use clean, local produce according to the season. We plan our party and conference menu according to the seasons.

Fresh produce

We use high quality and fresh produce in our food. In this way the characteristic flavor of the food shows. It is important to us that we make the food ourselves, from beginning until the very end. Bread is an important ingredient in the Finnish food culture, that is why we only serve bread that we baked here ourselves.

Wild caught

We are located in the heart of the Archipelago, which gives us an advantage when it come to wild caught meat and fish. From spring to fall we gather berries and mushrooms from the forest. From our own garden we pick sea buckthorn berries that are rich in C-vitamin. We prepare our fish delicacies through smoking, frying and cooking using open fire. And of course boiling the fish to make a delicious fish soup out of it. We use free range lamb meat in our food. Our delicious stew takes 4-5 hours to make. Game from the forest gives the food dish a natural, clean flavor with some sting in it.

The enthusiastic chef

Villa Apollos Head Chef Piia Helenius is a curious and innovative chef. She learned as a young girl the secrets of the food culture from Karelia and Savo. In her work Piia develops new recipes and cherishes the old traditional ones.

Flavors from the world

Piia Helenius is also a well traveled chef who likes to bring home some of the impressions and flavors from other food cultures. Piia’s year in Italy made a lasting impression in her cooking. Many of the dishes on our versatile menu have influences from the Mediterranian kitchen.

Special diets

In Villa Apollos innovative kichen we do make an effort to prepare your request on special diets. Piia Helenius is very fond of vegetarian food and is happy to prepare some vegetarian dishes for our conference and party guests.

Food and drink

Our restaurant upon-request has an alcohol license and we select suitable wines and other alcoholic beverages for our menu.

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